Mind Mapping

For those of you who have never heard of  NovaMind Express Mind Mapping Software, it is a great way to take and create notes efficiently. I’ve been using the technique for several months now, and I find it rather liberating for certain tasks, rather than following a linear approach to note taking and generating outlines for teaching purposes. Mind mapping is a clean, nimble and aesthetically attractive way to recall your material and even to make presentations if you like.

This morning, in response to a request by a dear sister from our midweek Bible Study, I sent a few mind maps to her so she could see what she had missed in a previous study two weeks ago, as well as review yesterday evening’s lesson. While it was fresh on my mind, I thought I would post a couple here as well. By no means am I an expert in this practice, and these maps in particular mostly will be meaningful only to me, since they were not made for presentation but rather to aid me in memory recall. And only I know the purpose behind the triggers along the map, but still they will give you an idea of the technique and some of them are indeed self explanatory. I hope you’ll find mind mapping as helpful as I have and useful in your study and/or organization of just about anything you do in ministry or daily life. I made the below samples using NovaMind and you can click  to check out their site and download a free trial. This application is my favorite of the bunch!

Right now we’re in James on Wednesdays, and much of the content present in these is in question form. This is because I run the group as an interactive study where others need to come prepared, think and participate. By the way, mind maps are read clockwise, so you begin at the upper right at 1:00 o’clock and follow the branches around to, in these examples, the 10:00 o’clock position. So here they are, click on them to enlarge. 


2 responses to “Mind Mapping

  1. Bro,
    Really cool. Do you draw a rough diagram while taking notes and then do a final or is this mainly for making a sermon outline that you use it for?

    • For Sundays I use a linear outline, but at our midweek study where there is more flexibility and an open ‘forum’ time environment, I use the mind map. I use mind mapping to take large amounts of notes during my seminary studies though. I can cover a lot of ground in little space.

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