A voice crying in the WordPress, or at least wanting to!

I felt I ought to let you know why there’s been such silence and what is coming down the pipe at uThinkology. As you can see, the waters have been a little still these last two weeks. I just really haven’t had the time to put together my thoughts. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have had the time, just not the right time. If you are someone who writes you will know exactly what I mean by that. There is a right and a wrong time to write. In the evenings after the children have been put to bed, I’m offered about one and a half hours, two max, before I follow in their wake. But during that time there isn’t much left of my brain to put words on paper, or on my laptop screen I should say. That is not the right time to write!

However, I am excited to say that I’ve got about a half dozen posts on the back burner covering a variety of subjects. I will be sure to put out at least one this week. If I make the coffee a little stronger, maybe I’ll even get two out there. Next up will be a post about Jesus and the children he encountered during his earthly ministry. Have you ever wondered why he pointed to them as the exemplars of his kingdom? I was so blessed by something my four-year-old son said to me the other day that it led to a lengthy look into the gospels, and then worked its way into a uThinkology draft.

Following that, we’ll return to the virtual pastor and the virtual church series to consider the effects our modern, technologically and market driven culture is having on the bride of Christ. I hope you’ll join the discussion when we get those up on uThinkology. What uThink on these subjects really does matter, and it will greatly affect your approach to church life.

Til then, every blessing!


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