The Perfect Diaper Bag

The Perfect Diaper BagFriends, I hope you get a chuckle from the title of this post (not to mention the guy in the picture). Although today is Monday, and I would have loved nothing more than to sit back and post a little something on one of the endless array of subjects that peak my (and I think yours too) interest, what time I did have available for writing needed to be applied to our MUCH-overdo update on our primary ministry here.


Because uThinkology is part of our overall ministry, and the site has a dedicated page for our updates, I felt it was appropriate to include this November news letter as a post. So here it is, our latest update in PDF on our ministry and family in Treviso, Italy. I hope you will take a few minutes to see what is happening in our lives and in this part of the world. Just click here or on the “Ministry Updates” tab above on uThinkology’s site header. You’ll be able to open the PDF in your browser. You can also choose to download it if you like.

Thanks for stopping by uThinkology. And remember, you are what uThink!


Mark Nigro


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