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Information Intravenously

Whether you like it or not, whether or not you have asked to be there or never even defined your position for yourself, rest assured that YOU occupy a seat somewhere in the marketplace of ideas. My desire here is for us all to discover where that seat is, and then to decide whether or not we really want to be sitting in it.

In spite of today’s bombardment of intravenously-fed information and media-driven morality, we need to stop accepting and promoting what seems most convenient before truly considering its validity or correctness. Too many of us have been taught to ingest but not to digest, or process, the information we receive. This is tantamount to an injection of opinions shot into our system so skillfully as to not feel the pinch. What’s worse is that we then allow it to run its course, circulate within us until it permeates our very thinking. This is tragic.

Folks, we need to ask questions about what we see and hear. Have you asked why public opinion says ‘this’ is right, or ‘that’ is wrong? Better still, who is the public? Do you know what drives certain political decisions? Do the terms ‘religious fanaticism’ or ‘fundamentalism’ strike fear or anger in you? Why? What are ‘hate crimes’? Do ‘love’ crimes exist? Why do ‘you’ exist? Are there any absolutes in our reality or is everything relative? These terms are served to us daily from various media and in various arenas, each time with a particular spin. If the spin is good enough, no one sees it coming.

But contemplating these and many other such topics may just wake us up enough to feel the pinch. If you have read this far on the site, it may be because you have already felt it, and perhaps recognize the need to understand and take YOUR position on issues that comprise the fabric of our society.

Remember, you are what you think!